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A project to introduce a strategy and select most efficient methods and tools for harmonization of data, criteria and indicators to be addressed for tracking of impact of environmental changes on tangible cultural heritage assets, buildings and monuments, including structural deterioration processes at a city/village scale.

Keyword: Cultural Heritage, European project, Historical Centres


Inside the project STABLE (co-funded by the European Commission, carried out in the context of the HORIZON 2020 program supervised by EU Authority – Grant Agreement No: 823966), the consortium members are working on the structural stability risk assessment of the cultural heritage.

In particular a part of the activities are focused on the monitoring methods and the techniques that will be used for STABLE project purposes, that is to build the deformation model and the geological, geotechnical and seismostratigraphic model of the test sites, using information coming from in-situ and satellite SAR remote sensing, optical data and geophysical methods.

The objectives are two: identify the critical areas and/or structures affected by deformation phenomena, and build the geological, geotechnical and seismostratigraphic model of the subsoil, and provide three-time histories for each seismic ambient noise measurement, representing the three components of the motion.

Until now the consortium are working on three cases study: Rieti (Italy), Nauplion (Greece) and Strovolos (Cyprus)

The Strovolos (CY) case study.

From June 2019 the Strovolos area was under study with acquisition campaigns to define the seismic ambient noise (seismostratigraphic model of the subsoil), in the perspective of providing the expected seismic shaking parameters by the subsequent local seismic response analysis, integrated all with data coming from engineering geological setting and other geological information. 

The definition of the structure and the composition of the Strovolos area, allowed to classify the case study as a non-resonant site characterized by an outcropping seismic bedrock.

Article by: Matteo Serpetti