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Seismic Risk Map in MATLAB

One of the main goals of STABLE project is the development of a platform that will address seismic risk for cultural heritage sites at a medium scale (block of buildings and large structures) in order to derive damage maps before the occurrence of a seismic event and define the areas of maximum probable loss. Towards the development of the platform, a MATLAB code is written that calculates the risk map of the building stoke of an area for a given seismic hazard by applying a simplified mechanical method. The risk is defined as the probability of a certain level of damage to be exceeded. Four different levels of damage are examined, namely P1, P2, P3 and P4. The level of damage Pi increases with increasing i = 1 to 4. The probability takes values from zero (totally unlikely) to one (certainty). The input data include:

  • Information regarding the structures (geometrical data, exact coordinates, typology)
  • Information regarding the seismic hazard in the examined area (seismic acceleration) resulted from a seismic hazard analysis taking into account the seismic sources and the local soil effect

The code provides as results the four seismic risk maps that correspond to the four different levels of damage. Every figure depicts with color the value of probability Pi for the given seismic hazard. The results are also provided in a txt output file while the original structural shapefile are also updated based on the results.

Output of the MATLAB code